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Domestic Violence Charge Defense

Domestic Violence Charge Defense

Domestic Violence Charge Defense

Suppose you are faced with domestic violence charges. It would help if you had a qualified criminal defense lawyer skilled in domestic violence charge defense. At Katsarelis law, you will get the best defense lawyer. We will analyze your case carefully and develop a defense strategy that will improve your chances in court. As a victim of domestic violence, you may want to defend yourself, especially if you are being accused of domestic violence charges. There are different forms of defense we can employ in court based on the circumstances of your domestic charge case. They include but are not limited to self-defense, false accusations, intoxication, lack of knowledge of previous episodes, low level of harm, and more.

  • False accusation- if you did not abuse the victim or suffered abuse in another person’s hands, we’ll look for proof to support your claim in court. We’d try to establish a credible alibi and seek to establish your whereabouts if you were not at the scene of the crime. This will prove that you did not abuse the victim; thus, you can be acquitted of the charges.
  • Self-defense- if you have evidence to show that the violence was due to self-defense, your charges may be dropped. It would be best to tell our attorney all that happened, and we will strategically grant your freedom back.
  • Intoxication this defense is used to defend you on the basis that the accused did not know what he was doing. However, this defense is limited to specific situations. The intoxication will depend on whether it was voluntary or involuntary and the damages the action resulted in.
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Don’t know where to start yet? It is necessary to find yourself a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who will help you navigate through better. Speaking with an experienced assault attorney will explain to you the available options and assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

For any charges that need an attorney to help, reach us on 520-510-0439, 177 North Church Avenue, Suite 600, or send us a mail at [email protected]. Our crime attorneys in Arizona and Tucson are dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their cases. We do this by negotiating with the government, preparing for trial, and litigating motions to suppress evidence. Assault is a serious crime that could result in jail time and other penalties. Let us help you avoid these consequences as much as possible.

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