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August 9, 2022

Domestic Violence Charges Defense Lawyer

When faced with a criminal charge, you want to know your rights and be sure that you are represented by a skilled lawyer who has dealt with your case. Our firm has attorneys who specialize in criminal law and practice it exclusively. We understand how the police and prosecutors work and what steps to take to best defend your rights.

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be severe. You may need to go through mandatory counseling for anger management classes or even face jail time. If convicted of domestic violence, you will lose the right to own a gun, making it difficult to find employment in specific fields.

Types of Domestic Violence

There are many different types of domestic violence. The most common are:

  • Physical abuse
  • Psychological
  • emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Economic abuse

Domestic violence is defined as any act that causes harm to another person in a family or household setting. Physical abuse is the use of physical force against another person. It can include hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, or any other physical attack. Psychological or emotional abuse is when a person makes threats, uses intimidation, isolates a victim from others, and even denies fundamental freedoms like transportation and communication. Sexual abuse occurs when one partner forces the other to engage in unwanted sexual contact or assault. Economic abuse occurs when one partner controls the financial resources available to the other partner and forces them to live in poverty by prohibiting access to money.

Defenses against Domestic Violence Charges

Several defenses can be raised against a domestic violence charge:

  • Self-defense. In some cases, you may have acted in self-defense or defense of another family member when the alleged incident occurred. In that case, you cannot be found guilty of domestic violence against the person you were protecting yourself or your family member from. Your attorney can help you prove that your actions were justified.
  • Disputing the facts of the underlying incident. It is important to note that you do not necessarily have to admit that certain events occurred to raise a legal defense against them. For example, if you are charged with assaulting your spouse by grabbing them in anger, but you claim never to have touched them during the incident, your attorney can argue that there was no assault even though it is undisputed that an argument took place.

Mutual confrontation. Sometimes both parties are involved in an altercation, and both parties are injured, or both parties have inflicted injuries on one another. In these cases, it's difficult for prosecutors to prove.

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Don’t know where to start yet? It is necessary to find yourself a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who will help you navigate through better. Speaking with an experienced assault attorney will explain to you the available options and assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

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