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Felony Charges Defense

Felony Charges Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

You should get immediate defense representation regardless of whether you are guilty or not of a felony charge. Felony charges can come with severe consequences, including jail time, fines, and restitution of damages incurred by your alleged crime. An experienced lawyer will know the ins and outs of your state's legal system and can help defend you to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Defending Felonies Aggressively

Convictions in a felony case will result in prison time and hefty fines, reputation damage, driver's license revocation, and a permanent criminal record. If you face felony charges, work with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer like Katsarelis Law, PLLC. You may fight the charges, get them dismissed, or reduce them to misdemeanors.

When our criminal defense lawyer first meets with our client, they ask specific questions about the case to identify the client's strengths and weaknesses.I'll look into the matter further to see if there are any possibilities for acquitting the defendant. As part of this process, ask police about the procedures they followed in the case and talk to witnesses and get information about the case. Our criminal defense lawyer may interview an expert witness regarding their testimony and possible evidence depending on the case.

Taking the time to review the prosecution's case before the police submit it to a jury will allow the defense attorney to find any holes in the case against the defendant and find evidence to refute it.

During a criminal trial, evidence helps both sides make their case. Evidence includes eyewitness testimony, physical and DNA evidence, and expert witness testimony. Our attorney will review all of your case's evidence and decide if it is substantial enough to build a defense around. If not, we may work with other witnesses to gather more evidence to defend against charges.

Selecting a jury is possibly one of the most critical parts of your case. The jury will decide whether you go to jail, and lawyers understand that it's crucial to get jurors who are open-minded about their client's cases. Our criminal defense attorney takes part in Jury Selection by researching profiles and statuses, looking into family lives, professions, etc., to find people who may be sympathetic towards our clients. This dramatically increases our chances of getting a good verdict.

Plea Bargaining 

Negotiating with the prosecutor may sound scary, but it's perfectly legal. In most cases, prosecutors are only interested in bringing in their big fish to trial; they may offer lesser charges or sentence reductions if you plead guilty. I will work with you to understand how much risk there is in trial and negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf.

Fair Sentencing

A conviction for a felony can lead to significant punishments which may haunt you for life. Many criminal defendants don't realize that they can negotiate with their lawyers to receive a lighter sentence. I can get my clients to lower fines and reduce jail time in most cases. I can help present mitigating factors and argue on behalf of our client during sentencing. Like Katsarelis Law, PLLC legal representation significantly increases a defendant's chance of receiving mercy from judges, prosecutors, and juries during court hearings.

Felonies in Tucson, AZ that we deal with

Arizona has six levels of felony classes, each with its punishment guidelines. The law presumes that everyone will be given the presumptive sentence. However, the judge or jury can increase or decrease the punishment based on evidence of mitigating or aggravating factors.

Class 1 - Only murder falls under a Class 1 felony. There are two types of murder: Murder in the First or Second Degree. If a person commits first degree murder, he or she may be punished by death or life in prison without parole. For second-degree murder, a prison sentence of at least ten years and a maximum of 25 years applies.

Class 2- Criminal offenses classified as Class 2 are punishable by three years in the Department of Corrections. In addition, the sentence can be increased to up to 12.5 years if the offense is aggravated. Probation is also available with a one-year sentence. These include manslaughter, sexual assault, armed robbery, etc.

Class 3-There is a minimum prison sentence of two years for class 3 felonies and a maximum of 8.75 years for aggravated crimes. Probation is an option as well. They include aggravated assault, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, etc.

Class 4- Class 4 felonies carry a sentence of 1 to 3.75 years in prison. Probation is available. Examples include kidnapping, robbery, misconduct involving weapons, or aggravated DUI.

Class 5- Felonies in Class 5 have a minimum sentence of 6 months in prison but can be extended to 2.5 years. Probation is an option. It includes sexual abuse, animal cruelty, failure to appear in court, rioting, etc.

Class 6-Class 6 felonies usually carry a sentence of 4 months to 2 years in prison. It includes impersonation, engagement, sexual activities with a minor below 15 years, etc.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tucson

Under the United States and Arizona Constitutions, everyone accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial. To protect these rights, they should seek the services of a powerful defense attorney at Katsarelis Law, PLLC.

I will create a defense for the accused and fight to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair trial. As your criminal defense lawyer, I can help you get the best plea offer possible if, after consulting with you, you decide a plea bargain is in your best interest.

You should seek aggressive criminal defense representation to ensure peace of mind when facing criminal charges. Having a criminal defense lawyer on your side can help ease your mind if you face jail time, hefty fines, and a felony conviction. I will ensure that you receive a fair trial or resolution of the case.

If you face felony charges in Tucson, Arizona, the first thing you should do is to get in touch with Katsarelis Law, PLLC. She can assist you in understanding the strict sentencing and court procedures in Arizona.

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