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Battery Charges Defense

Battery Charges Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Finding the right attorney may overwhelm you when you face criminal charges, significantly if your future may be seriously affected. Since your freedom and other major life factors are on the line, it's important to find an attorney who has the track record and experience necessary to win your battery charge case while also being trustworthy and reliable.

Katsarelis Law, PLLC specializes in criminal defense, so if you need legal help with your charges, we're here to help you every step of the way throughout your case. Here are seven reasons you should consider our attorney as your defense lawyer in Arizona.

Battery charges

The crime of battery involves unlawful physical contact. A battery may be construed as a misdemeanor or as a felony based on the severity and circumstances of the contact. A battery typically involves an offensive touch inflicted on a victim by the assailant. The actor knows or intends for the violent act to cause harm.

Physical altercations are frequently associated with battery, but they can also occur in various situations. One example would be a doctor operating without the patient's consent or any unwanted contact with the patient.

Simple Battery

Any non-consensual, harmful, or insulting contact falls under the simple battery category. In this sense, any contact with the victim is considered battery if it causes injury. The battery is not criminal unless the attacker intends to inflict harm.

When law enforcement officers, firefighters, or other emergency healthcare professionals are the purported victims, simple battery charges can be upgraded to felonies. These individuals are protected by Arizona law, and even minor harm to them can result in felony charges due to their protected status.

Aggravated Battery

An aggravating battery is a violent act that results in serious bodily harm or disfigurement. These include the loss of a limb, burns resulting in disfigurement, and sensory loss. A defendant may only be charged with aggravated battery if they intended to cause harm. Katsarelis Law, PLLC can help you establish intent to harm a battery case.

Family Violence Battery

Arizona considers causing physical harm to another household member or family member domestic violence. There may be several variables involved in domestic violence charges, including whether there were any injuries, restraining orders, whether there were children involved, etc. It is also essential to have a reputable criminal defense attorney on your side. Katsarelis Law, PLLC will defend you in court if necessary while protecting your rights.

Felony Battery

In the case of felony battery, the elements of simple battery are present, as well as the elements of great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement. Aggravated battery involves the same elements as felony battery; however, the defendant must have intentionally caused great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement. A felony battery differs from an aggravated battery based on whether or not the defendant intended to inflict damage.

The Katsarelis Law, PLLC, represents domestic violence and assault victims in Tucson, Arizona. Contact the firm today if you have been charged with assault or battery.

What Are The Elements Of a Criminal Battery?

The prosecution must prove the following elements to establish that criminal battery has occurred:

  • If the accused committed a voluntary act of physical contact;
  • The defendant voluntarily applied physical force to another person, and it is essential to note that he need not directly apply it.
  • Using force resulted in contact with the victim that was harmful or offensive. A small amount of force will be sufficient for these purposes, provided the resultant contact is harmful or offensive.

Criminal Battery Convictions: What Are the Consequences?

Basic criminal battery offenses are classified as misdemeanors, which mean they are punishable by probation or up to two years in jail. Those under probation will be required to fulfill the normal probation terms for misdemeanors. In addition to restitution, defendants may also be required to attend anger management counseling. Basic battery charges usually involve lower-level assaults, such as pushing, slapping, or other contacts that cause minor injuries.

When aggravating circumstances are present, the battery can be elevated to aggravated battery. For example, a deadly weapon can be used, significant bodily injury caused to a family member or violence towards a public servant committed. If a criminal battery charge is raised to a felony, the punishment options are radically expanded, depending on the aggravating factors involved.

When a person is convicted of aggravated assault as a dangerous offense, they will go to prison even on their first offense. Arizona treats the term "battery" as synonymous with aggravated assault. It is a Class 2 to 5 felonies.

The state of Arizona imposes a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence upon those found guilty of a more serious charge, even if there has been no prior legal trouble. Having argued dozens of felony cases at court, Katsarelis Law, PLLC has extensive experience in violent crime litigation.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Local Tucson, AZ Lawyer

You need a criminal defense lawyer on your side when you're charged, whether it's a misdemeanor or felony. If you are looking for a lawyer, you must find one with courtroom experience and familiarity with the particular court and judge that will hear your case.

If you need help to understand Arizona’s state-specific battery laws, contact a criminal defense lawyer at Katsarelis Law, PLLC, who practices in Tucson and surrounding areas. Our lawyer will also provide you with information regarding any defenses that might be available. She will represent you in court if necessary while protecting your rights.

Discover Your Options with Katsarelis Law, PLLC, If You're Facing Battery Charges

When facing battery charges, it is important to have a h3 defense. Not only could a conviction lead to jail time and fines, but it will also go on your permanent record. That is why it is vital to choose Katsarelis Law, PLLC, to represent you. We have a proven track record of successfully defending our clients against battery charges. So please don't wait any longer. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Don’t know where to start yet? It is necessary to find yourself a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who will help you navigate through better. Speaking with an experienced assault attorney will explain to you the available options and assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

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