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Robbery Charges Defense

Robbery Charges Defense Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Robbery charges are pretty complex because it involves violence, unlike theft and burglary. Different states define robbery differently, but there are constant elements of robbery in almost all states. These include acquiring with intent to steal, taking against the owner's will, and using violence or threatening to use force—the element of violence is what makes a theft crime to be termed as robbery. Generally, legal defenses are grouped into two broad categories. They involve a justification defense that examines the circumstances when the crime was committed. They examine the defendant's mental health, beliefs, and other factors when the crime was committed.

Forms of robbery charge defenses we can use to win your case.

If you are accused or charged with robbery, there are several different defense strategies our defense lawyer can use to protect you in court. Our lawyer will carefully evaluate the case and identify the best form of defense for the defendant. We are skilled, qualified and competent defense attorneys who will help you navigate the complexities of a robbery charge. Our lawyers can employ different forms of robbery charge defenses to create a strong case that guarantees you success. They include:


In this form of robbery charge defense, the defendant pleads innocent to the charges and tries to prove his innocence. During court proceedings, the prosecutor has the burden of proving that the defendant is guilty of the robbery charges. With a qualified lawyer from Katsarelis law, you have a great chance of offering evidence that undermines the prosecution's evidence. Our lawyers are pretty skilled and will attack the prosecution's evidence in court to prove your innocence. 520-Kastsarelis lawyers have a proven track record in defending their clients' innocence in court. We have successfully established our clients' innocence beyond a reasonable doubt in several robbery cases.


Intoxication is another form of robbery charge defense in which a defendant can either claim to be voluntarily or involuntarily intoxicated. If your defense lawyer can prove that you were intoxicated involuntarily, you will be excused of any criminal behavior committed during the period you were intoxicated. In some states, voluntary intoxication is not accepted as a defense for a robbery charge. In most states, the defendant can plead to a lesser charge. In this type of defense, the main point is whether the defendant could form the intent to commit the crime. Therefore, our lawyers will prove that you were incapable of forming the intent of committing the crime.


Entrapment involves being tricked into committing a crime. If the defendant is pushed into committing robbery, they can use entrapment as a form of defense. This consists of an enforcement officer coercing the defendant into committing a crime. It is pretty challenging to prove entrapment in court; thus, it is essential to hire the best attorney. Our attorneys are the best in Tucson and will demonstrate a police officer instigated the crime to bring charges against the defendant. Entrapment defense can only be employed if the police officer and not a private individual are involved.


Duress can be used as a form of defense in a robbery charge when the defendant commits the crime because they're threatened with death or bodily injury. It is pretty hard to prove duress, and many courts in different states have rejected this as a form of defense for robbery. This is because most defendants had the chance to avoid committing the crime without risking their life. To successfully use coercion as a defense, you need a very experienced lawyer. Who has vast experience in criminal law and has a proven track record. Katsarelis law PLLC provides the legal counsel to prove coercion in court successfully.


Insanity can be used as a defense in different criminal cases, including robbery. However, insanity is not acceptable as a defense in four states, including Montana, Utah, Kansas, and Idaho. Closing insanity at the time of the crime implies that the defendant is admitting to the crime but under alleviating conditions. It is thus very risky to use this as a form of defense. Therefore, it is up to the criminal lawyer to prove to the court that the defendant was mentally ill at the time of the crime.

Insanity defense is quite complicated, and in order to be successful, the lawyer needs to prove that the defendant could not differentiate right from wrong when committing the crime. With a qualified lawyer from Katsarelis law, it can be established that the defendant was indeed insane when committing thus entitled to the criminal defense of not guilty by defense of insanity. This defense has been applied in different cases our lawyers have handled; therefore, we are pretty experienced.

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When you need a defense lawyer to represent you in court when faced with any legal issue, the best pick is a competent, experienced, and skilled lawyer. Katsarelis law PLLC offers the best criminal defense lawyers in Tucson. We have been defending the rights of the people of Tucson since 2011. We guide our clients through every step in the case and create an excellent defense strategy to ensure they are acquitted of the crimes. We are exceptionally experienced in robbery charge defense will ensure your issue is successfully resolved efficiently in due time. All you need to do is give us a call as soon as you are charged with robbery in Tucson, Arizona. We understand the ins and outs of the court system in the state; thus, we'll be able to advocate on your behalf.

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